Randy Moss Throwback

11 02 2010

Not really sure why, but I just had a throwback moment to one of my more favorite sports vids – The Randy Moss Driving School.

With all this Plax, Vick, Arenas stuff going down, I think it’s funny that just a few years ago, Moss’s traffic/weed issue was deplorable news…”ain’t that right Stephon?”


Ocho Uno

6 02 2010

TO to Cincy…hmmmm…

I seriously hope that doesn’t happen, there’s only room for Hachi Go’s fun ego on that squad…

I mean, don’t they already have Cedric Benson in tow, Larry Johnson waiting to flip shit at any moment and “The Dewey” Malauga among others?

Go Saints…31-27

6 02 2010

I hope they beat the team with guy that has a huge head on Sunday.

This takes my want for them to win, to a whole new level


Mos Valuaba Playaz

6 02 2010

MVPz son.

For All Viking Fans

4 02 2010

You all are in for a ridiculous offseason of the annual Favre saga.

So, I wanted to take a minute to point out that you could have had a Perfect season, and a title, had you looked into Curt Hening manning your ship back in the 90’s

Da Raidaz

15 01 2010

What insane move is Al Davis going to pull with the Raiders coaching situation over the next couple of days?

You’ve got to feel for the people of Oakland because after moves like Bill Calahan, Art Shell, Lane Kiffin and Norv Turner and Tom “Co-axial” Cable…you honestly just have no idea what’s coming.

I’ve heard rumblings that Davis might get out of team ownership and back into acting, the career little knew he ever had, so things could start to look up.

Dean Pees

14 01 2010

So what, we all do.  Who cares if he’s leaving his job as D-Coordinator for the Pats?

I don’t make the news…even when I piss what I’d consider to be “excellence”.