“My Name’s, Agent Guy.”

13 02 2010

Reading some Real GM just a second ago (it’s an SI.com article though)…and I stumble upon this gem of a headline.

Snap, I think my cousin knows that agent…


The Starbury Movement

6 02 2010

Remember in the late 90’s when it was dope to get Japanese Kanji tats (it wasn’t really to be honest)?

I always wondered if Japanese kids went out and got English tats…

With Stephon Marbury’s recent move to the Shanxi Fenjiu hoops squad , it looks like that theory is holding water in another Asian locale, China.

The Starbury Movement is taking off…

He’s Way Beyond Thunderdome

30 01 2010

I love Delonte West.  He’s a straight up baller, but most importantly, he’s got a pinch of crazy in him.

Clip please

Dear Clippers – Don’t Be Cruel

26 01 2010

…because I would never be that cruel to you.

Seriously, now you’ve done it Donnie…you went and signed Bobby F’ing Brown?! Bro, oh, ah no, oh!

Obviously, the Clippers have made some incredibly bad personnel moves in the past, been beset by injuries etc etc…but this has to be like killing a dead man (if that’s even possible).

The only thing that could make this worse, is if the 2014 2nd Rd pick ends up being as quality as this guy was back at #57 in 1999.

I have no more words for you sir – good day.

Bless Mark Jackson

15 01 2010

Watching the Blazers/Magic beatdown, but only for one reason, to hear what Mark Jackson and/or VanGundy will say next.

Tonight, Jackson broke out a classic, “Hand down. Man down.”

So, I had to go find one of my favorite Jackson clips that combined arguably 2 of his best lines

He went to a TECH school

14 01 2010

How stupid do Chocolate City po’s think people are?  This is the area where “The Wire” was made…c’mon.

It’s been weeks now since this Arenas/Crittenton gun deal, and they really thought Crittenton would keep his piece and are just now searching for it?

This isn’t Ron-Ron man…is Herk running this investigation?

I Want the Trucker Hat

14 01 2010

“I heard what Chris Bosh said, and that’s strong words coming from the RuPaul of big men,” Shaquille O’Neal said. “I’m going to do the same thing (in their next meeting) I did before – make him quit. Make ’em quit and complain. It’s what I do.”

Now, it’s been merchandised