“My Name’s, Agent Guy.”

13 02 2010

Reading some Real GM just a second ago (it’s an SI.com article though)…and I stumble upon this gem of a headline.

Snap, I think my cousin knows that agent…


The Starbury Movement

6 02 2010

Remember in the late 90’s when it was dope to get Japanese Kanji tats (it wasn’t really to be honest)?

I always wondered if Japanese kids went out and got English tats…

With Stephon Marbury’s recent move to the Shanxi Fenjiu hoops squad , it looks like that theory is holding water in another Asian locale, China.

The Starbury Movement is taking off…

He’s Way Beyond Thunderdome

30 01 2010

I love Delonte West.  He’s a straight up baller, but most importantly, he’s got a pinch of crazy in him.

Clip please

Duke Lands Top Recruit

23 01 2010

Just caught word that Coach K landed the recruit of his dreams – Carlton Banks.

When asked to describe what made Banks so special, the Coach was went on record stating, “he’s essentially Chris Carawell mixed with Wojo, all sitting on a bed of Christian Laettner and served with a side of Cherokee Parks…you kidding me?”

Bless Mark Jackson

15 01 2010

Watching the Blazers/Magic beatdown, but only for one reason, to hear what Mark Jackson and/or VanGundy will say next.

Tonight, Jackson broke out a classic, “Hand down. Man down.”

So, I had to go find one of my favorite Jackson clips that combined arguably 2 of his best lines

He went to a TECH school

14 01 2010

How stupid do Chocolate City po’s think people are?  This is the area where “The Wire” was made…c’mon.

It’s been weeks now since this Arenas/Crittenton gun deal, and they really thought Crittenton would keep his piece and are just now searching for it?

This isn’t Ron-Ron man…is Herk running this investigation?

Washington Bullets

9 01 2010

Call me Omar Little, but after all of the Arenas/Crittenton ish, I think it’s time to bring back one of the greatest NBA franchise names ever – The Washington Bullets.