This Won’t Be Relevant In A Week

25 01 2010

But still, I just want to say that I dug Tedy Bruschi’s work on “Jersey Shore”.


USA’s Charlie Davies Eyes Return for World Cup by Channeling Both Steve Austins, Peter Griffin, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Apollo Creed

25 01 2010

If you’re any fan of the US National Team, you know we’re in a bad way as of last week. Charlie Davies gets in a horrific crash in October that put not only his US National Team spot in WC10 in jeopardy but also his life and any chance of ever playing again. Gooch went down with a knee for AC Milan and Clint gave us a scare last week.

Well, good news comes in threes today as ESPN reports that Clint’s all good in the hood, Gooch should be sippin’ espressos and eating gelato in a matter of weeks and best of all for us at BrooNoooo!!!!, the news of Charlie Davies insane recovery schedule has recast an optimistic light on the US squad for June.

Keep it up Charlie, we need you. I don’t even care if this is on some Flax Seed/Victor Conte-type shit.

Reason 1,007 Why We Love Chad Ochocinco

25 01 2010

Seriously, this dude is the raddest guy in the NFL in case you’ve been living under a rock. Last night he debuted his new jam, ‘Girl, You Trippin’ in South Beach. Fresh off a bus trip with fans to have fun and do charity work. Sorry, Rog, but he’s everything great about the NFL.

As Seen on TV: The Case for Abortion

24 01 2010

Dear Guy-

What the fuck? I hope you lose your virginity soon. You are the reason Al Qaeda hates America.


The Management

I had the same question

21 01 2010

Surfing Google a few minutes ago, and got to typing the word “Mister” too fast before the page loaded…Page load missed the “M” and only picked up the “is” before I stopped and noticed something fascinating about the predictive search.

Can I get a “Rrraaaa Raaaa Oooolalaaa”?

The King of Pop is Alive!!!

19 01 2010

In a shocking turn of events, it appears Michael Jackson isn’t dead after all. He’s just been throwing insane junk, winning Cy Youngs and getting higher than Sir Smoka Lot.

Brian Cardinal Is Not Dead

16 01 2010

He just plays for Minnesota.

Honest mistake.