U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!

13 02 2010

In honor of the Winter Olympics being in full effect, we wanted to salute one of our favorite Winter games athletes.

Best of luck Apolo Anton BroNo


The Starbury Movement

6 02 2010

Remember in the late 90’s when it was dope to get Japanese Kanji tats (it wasn’t really to be honest)?

I always wondered if Japanese kids went out and got English tats…

With Stephon Marbury’s recent move to the Shanxi Fenjiu hoops squad , it looks like that theory is holding water in another Asian locale, China.

The Starbury Movement is taking off…

He’s Way Beyond Thunderdome

30 01 2010

I love Delonte West.  He’s a straight up baller, but most importantly, he’s got a pinch of crazy in him.

Clip please

Duke Lands Top Recruit

23 01 2010

Just caught word that Coach K landed the recruit of his dreams – Carlton Banks.

When asked to describe what made Banks so special, the Coach was went on record stating, “he’s essentially Chris Carawell mixed with Wojo, all sitting on a bed of Christian Laettner and served with a side of Cherokee Parks…you kidding me?”

“I Lo You Mah”

22 01 2010

I had to dig up an oldie original, but a goodie, from back in the day when Big Mac testified before congress.

To this day, the only thing I would have changed about that testimony would have been seeing Big Mac’s hair styled with Sosa’s uncanny part

Bless Mark Jackson

15 01 2010

Watching the Blazers/Magic beatdown, but only for one reason, to hear what Mark Jackson and/or VanGundy will say next.

Tonight, Jackson broke out a classic, “Hand down. Man down.”

So, I had to go find one of my favorite Jackson clips that combined arguably 2 of his best lines

Da Raidaz

15 01 2010

What insane move is Al Davis going to pull with the Raiders coaching situation over the next couple of days?

You’ve got to feel for the people of Oakland because after moves like Bill Calahan, Art Shell, Lane Kiffin and Norv Turner and Tom “Co-axial” Cable…you honestly just have no idea what’s coming.

I’ve heard rumblings that Davis might get out of team ownership and back into acting, the career little knew he ever had, so things could start to look up.