“My Name’s, Agent Guy.”

13 02 2010

Reading some Real GM just a second ago (it’s an SI.com article though)…and I stumble upon this gem of a headline.

Snap, I think my cousin knows that agent…


Well then…

30 01 2010

Turns out that Chelsea captain, John Terry (married), had an affair with the lady of former teammate, Wayne Bridge.


What makes this even better, is that they’re both going to be on the World Cup squad for England…and of course, Terry is the captain of that team as well.



14 01 2010

Man in Nazi Uniform Busted

A few things going on here, but the biggest being this guy is 28 freaking years old????!!!

People from Tennessee – this is legit proof that life was hard as hell before you pushed Fulmer out, and got shafted by Lame Kiffin.

Air Energy Wifi System

10 01 2010

Stolen from Endgaget, but essentially the AEWS can transfer wifi signals into device stored power.

Next step, use the same technology in cell phone batteries.   I smell scrillions here.