Craig Sager’s Trippin

14 02 2010

Just caught this on the Dallas ASW pre-game show.

I would love to hang out with Sager…you can tell that guy’s a blast.


U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!

13 02 2010

In honor of the Winter Olympics being in full effect, we wanted to salute one of our favorite Winter games athletes.

Best of luck Apolo Anton BroNo

“My Name’s, Agent Guy.”

13 02 2010

Reading some Real GM just a second ago (it’s an article though)…and I stumble upon this gem of a headline.

Snap, I think my cousin knows that agent…

Randy Moss Throwback

11 02 2010

Not really sure why, but I just had a throwback moment to one of my more favorite sports vids – The Randy Moss Driving School.

With all this Plax, Vick, Arenas stuff going down, I think it’s funny that just a few years ago, Moss’s traffic/weed issue was deplorable news…”ain’t that right Stephon?”

2010 Football HOF Class

6 02 2010

This year’s class is great.  Rice, Emmitt, Lebeau etc.  The one that gets me the most pumped is former Minnesota DT, John Randle.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

That guy never stopped talking, moving and trying to kill QBs…and he had the facepaint.  He was a bad baaaad man.

*Sidenote – that “Love Mom” or “Tebow 3:16” eye black deal has to stop…

Ocho Uno

6 02 2010

TO to Cincy…hmmmm…

I seriously hope that doesn’t happen, there’s only room for Hachi Go’s fun ego on that squad…

I mean, don’t they already have Cedric Benson in tow, Larry Johnson waiting to flip shit at any moment and “The Dewey” Malauga among others?

Go Saints…31-27

6 02 2010

I hope they beat the team with guy that has a huge head on Sunday.

This takes my want for them to win, to a whole new level